Frequently Asked Questions


Did you know...


Hand Me Ups LLC handles all of the following items for our consignors:


  • provides the venue

  • handles the advertising and marketing

  • provides racks, tables and equipment for display

  • handles the organization for easy shopping

  • handles all monetary transactions so you don't have to deal with bounced checks or credit card fees

  • Is present so you don't have to be.

  • haggle-proof system



And...this is all done for a percentage of only the items that sell! Hand Me Ups charges just 35% for consignors and as little as 20% for consignors that help out at the sale.  All you have to do is prepare your items by inspecting, hanging and tagging.  You only need 25 items or $100 value to be a consignor!  Hand Me Ups does the rest!

Shopper Questions:


1) Are there any parking or entrance fees? - NoBoth parking and entrance are FREE!


2) What are your hours? - Please see our Hours/location page HERE.


3) What do you sell? - Anything child related!  Local families bring in clothing: infant through junior, maternity clothing, toys, baby equipment, postpartum items, furniture, bedding, décor, and lots lots more!


4) How often are these sales? - Twice a year. Typically these events are held in April and October. 


5) Can I bring my children? - Yes, however please keep in mind it will be very crowded on opening day.  If possible baby carriers should be worn for small children.   No large bags will be allowed. 


6) Can we try on clothes? - No. Please know your childs size before arriving at the Hand Me Ups Sale.  Items are pinned and tagged precisely and trying on clothing would damage all the hard work that each consignor put into making the clothes presentable.


7) What forms of payment do you accept? - Cash and Credit Cards, no checks will be accepted. Please bring valid ID.


8) Do you offer a discount day? - Our last day of the event many of the items will be marked down 50% if they are still available. 


9) What is your return policy? - ALL sales are FINAL with NO returns.


10) Do you have a store I can shop at between these events?  No.  We only host twice yearly events


Consigner Questions


1) What percentage will I earn? - Sellers earn a minimum of 65% of their sold sales but can earn up to 80% of sales when they help out at the event.


2) Who can become a seller? - Anyone! You only have to consign a minimum of 25 items or have a $100 value. 


3) Do I need to stay during the sale? - No. Once sellers drop off their items they only come back at the end of the sale to pick up unsold items that are chosen to not be donated.


4) How will I know what has been sold? - Hand Me Ups uses an online consignment software that tracks the items that each seller has sold.  Consignors are able to see daily what items have sold during the event.


5) When do I pick up my unsold items? - Sellers can choose to have items donated to local charity. If a seller does not choose to donate items, a pick up time will be available at the end of the event to pick up those items.  Typically this is held the day after half-price day.  


6) How do I sign up? - Click the "Consign-Sell" tab for more information on our homepage or register HERE.


VIP Consignor Questions

1) Can anyone sign up to help out at the event and attend the preview sale? - No, unfortunately, you have to be a consignor to help out.


2) Can I help out for more than one time? - Yes. You may help out for as many times as you would like.  The more consignors that help at the event the smoother the event runs the more items will sell.  VIP consignors who help out also earn 5% more per shift, up to 80% of their sold items.  It's a win-win! 


3) How long are the shifts? - 4 hours. However, help is always needed.  Shorter shifts can be arranged prior to the event.   


4) If I have a medical condition can I still help out? - Yes! Prior arrangements can be made for consignors that wish to help out that have medical conditions


5) Can I bring children with me to help during the event? - No,  children not are allowed to be with you while you help.  EXCEPTION: Nursing or non-mobile infants in a backpack, sling or baby carrier only will be allowed to join you.


6) Can I cancel a shift? - You must cancel at least 4 days before your shift.  Please consider a back-up worker if you are unable to work your shift.  Those consignors that cancel within 4 days of their scheduled shift will forfeit their "pre-sale" pass and will not be allowed to attend any "pre-sales" (besides the consignor pre-sale) prior to VIP Consignor helper shifts completed in future events.


Pre-Sale Questions


1) Who is allowed at the pre-sale? - There are several pre-sales.  VIP Consignors that help out for a shift get to shop at the first Pre-Sale. Consignors get to shop second.  Consignors need to have prepared, tagged and dropped off 25 items or $100 value to participate in the pre-sale.  A Family-To-Be Pre-Sale is also held for families with infants under 12 months of age (new foster and adoptive parents as well - Registration for the Family-To-Be Pre-Sale can be found HERE)  Pre-Sale passes are issued prior to the Pre-Sale events. 


2) Can I bring my family or friends? - VIP Consignor and Consignor Pre-sales are limited to one person per ticket.  Family-To-Be tickets allow two guests per one ticket (i.e. ticket holder + one guest).


3) When is the presale? -  Consignors and VIP Consignors will be verified at drop off with specific shopping times.  They are the FIRST to shop.  Family-To-Be Pre-sale is scheduled before the public (Ticketed guests ONLY - Register HERE) - Contact Us for more information.


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