Joining Hand Me Ups, LLC

Short & Sweet - Consigning at a glance 


To become a consignor and sell your items, just follow these easy steps:


1. Register Online for a consignor number ($10 registration fee) & select a drop-off appt.

2. Hang & tag your items according to the info on the Prepare page.  You only need 25 items or $100 value to be a consignor.  

3. Login to your Consignor Homepage, enter your items to sell and print your barcodes tags.

4. Attach tags to items.

5. Bring your items during your scheduled drop-off appointment.  As a consignor, you get the option of shopping BEFORE the public at the Consignor Pre-Sale.  VIP Consignors who help out get to shop FIRST. 

6.  Get excited watching your totals online of sold items during the sale while you are at home in PJ's.   

7. Pick-up your unsold items at the scheduled 2 hour pick-up, or allow your unsold items to be donated to charity.

8. Your check will be mailed within 7-10 days of the event.

What are the Benefits of joining our sale as a consignor?

As a seller (aka consignor) it's a fun and super easy way of getting the most money for your maternity, infant and children's items. Clean out those shelves, closets, toy rooms and garages of unused or outgrown children's items. Seasonal consignment sales let you name your own price without the inconvenience or difficulty of posting your items on the Internet, meeting with people you don’t know, organizing a garage sale or taking your clothing items to a traditional consignment store where you only get a fraction of your items worth. You can earn 65% of the price you list on your sold items, by helping out at the event and becoming a VIP consignor you could earn up to 80% on your sold items. That's money in your pocket NOW for the things you sell.  All you have to do is sign up as a consignor, prepare and tag your items, schedule a drop off appointment, drop off your items and wait for them to sell themselves. We set up the location, advertise, organize the merchandise and encourage a pleasant shopping experience for buyers. Each consignor receives a pass to the private pre-sale before the sale opens to the public. At the end of the sale, you can pick up your unsold items or have them donated to a local charity. You will receive your check within 7-10 days of the ending of the sale.






Earn more $$ by helping out and becoming a VIP Consignor.  


  • Consignors that help out at the event (aka VIP Consignors) get to shop 1st at our VIP pre-sale! This pre-sale is even before the consignors pre-sale!

  • You can fulfill your VIP responsibilities with a variety of tasks throughout the event.

  • Sign up early! Shifts are available on a first come basis.

  • Help out 4 hours and earn 70% of your items sold.

  • Join us for a second 4 hours (8 hours total) and earn 75% of your sold items.

  • Husbands can sign up to help out as well! We have many opportunities for men to work for you and you still get credit!

  • If you need a shorter shift, let us know! We will work with any consignor who wants to help out and make the event better.

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