Your opportunity to reach your target market is here!  Our audience is young families in Anchorage and SouthCentral Alaska.  We currently reach thousands of local families through our email and mailing lists and expect a great turnout at our upcoming event.
Any family-friendly business can advertise with us. We are offering a limited number of  vendor tables where you can promote your buiness.  These tables are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis with Vendors from the immediately previous sale  given advance priority for advertising at the current sale.  Denali Sponsors will be given priority over vendors that can only attend three days or less.  We accept only one vendor from each company (i.e. Partylite, Discovery Toys, Pampered Chef, Jamberry,). We accept only one vendor per industry (baker, seamstress, essential oil rep) at the event.  We allow multiple photographers.  We do allow multiple companies of the same business or industry to advertise in our goody bags, website, and display banners.   Business vendors must provide their own six-foot table.  Hand Me Ups will provide the six-foot space.  Advertisers must provide their own display/promotinal material.  Vendor space may not be shared unless with the same company.


Advertising goody bag are a great opportunity to reach the first 200 customers at our event. Include your coupon, promotional item, sample, business card, etc, in our goody bags. Advertiser provides 200 copies of what they would like to insert into the goody bags.  There are many possibilities to get creative and have your business information spread through such as magnets, notepads, calendars, pens, coupons and special offers.


You may also choose to advertise with a website logo and link on our website. This option is good from the beginning of each sale to the beginning of the next sale.  You will receive a business announcement "shout out" on our facebook page  prior to the event.


Each business vendor attending the event will supply an advertising donation for prize giveaways.


Want your business banner displayed at our event?  There is an option for that as well! 


Come be a part of Anchorage's largest Maternity and Children's consignment event.  





Vendor/Business Package Description


                                                                                                                                  Price     Availability


Denali Sponsor                                                                                                       $150     AVAILBALE

  6' sale event space for all 4 days of event 

          (PRIORITY given to Denali sponsors - table not provided)                                       

  200 goody bag Inserts - ie flyers, samples, cards, coupons 

          (supplied by vendor)

  Website ad with logo and link to vendor business, until next event

      Option to attend Family-To-Be pre-sale (Wed. before event - 5:30-7:30)

      Advertising donation for prize give-aways

           (supplied by vendor)

      Facebook vendor business announcement prior to event


Mt. Foraker Sponsor                                                                                             $45/day     AVAILABLE

 6' sale event space, 1-3 Days

          (table not provided)

     Advertising donation for prize giveaways

          (supplied by vendor)

     Facebook business announcement prior to event



Mt. Iliamna Sponsor                                                                                             $45     AVAILABLE

 200 goodie bag inserts - ie flyers, samples, cards, coupons

          (supplied by vendor/business)

 Website ad with logo and link to vendor business, until next event

     Business banner displayed during event


Mt. Spurr Sponsor                                                                                                 $25     AVAILABLE

 200 goodie bag inserts - ie flyers, samples, cards, coupons

          (supplied by vendor/business)


FlatTop Sponsor                                                                                                   $25     AVAILABLE

 Website ad with logo and link to vendor business, until next event


Hilltop Sponsor

     Business banner displayed during event                                                    $25     AVAILABLE


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